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Superprotex 220 Automatic
Stretch film for automatic application.

Our standard automatic film offers the best performance. Versus an usual stretching capability of 180% to 200%, Plastifilm ensures 220%, which means a higher performance and, therefore, cost savings for the end-user. Furthermore, the use of top-quality raw materials guarantees a tear-free application of the film when using an automatic wrapping machine.

  • Colours: transparent, black, white, blue, green.
  • Anti UV (an inhibitor that improves durability of the film technical data, and makes it more resistant to the environmental changes.
  • VCI (antioxidant).
  • Special width: 50mm, 100mm, 125mm, 166mm, 250mm, 1.000mm.
  • 16 Kgs reels, with an inner diameter of 76mm.