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"Our mission is to produce high-performance plastic, to meet all our customers requirements, and deliver it as ordered".

Team. We create a good work environment where individuals can evolve to offer the best for the group.

Service. We offer a wide range if products and services, foreseeing our customers needs.

Travelling companions. We establish lasting relations both with suppliers and customers, creating a deeper knowledge of the different organizations which, in the end, generates value for all of us.

Nature. We help take care of the planet using clean technology, manufacturing 100% recyclable materials, with a measured and rather austere use of the resources allocated.

Productivity. We share a long-standing commitment to improve the processes and adapt to the changes.

Profit. We maximize profits to all the company stakeholders: staff, customers, suppliers, community and shareholders.


Passion. One hundred per cent involved.

Integrity. Consistency and authenticity.

Collaboration. We are a team.

Responsibility. We fullfil our commitments.

Quality. What we make, we make it well.